About Us

Resource Management Services, Inc.

President: Judy Hammond

Since 1986, Resource Management Services, Inc. (RMS) has provided collection and recovery consulting services and vendor management expertise to credit grantors. Widely recognized as a leader and innovator in the collection and recovery industry, Resource Management Services, Inc. focuses on supporting their client’s goals of minimizing risk while collecting on delinquent accounts. Whether creditors are collecting with internal efforts, or through partnerships with outsource providers and other industry vendors, Resource Management Services provides the client with reliable, insightful and innovative consulting services, compliance oversight and a concentration on achieving improved returns from delinquent and charged-off accounts.

With the development of a specialized, proprietary collection agency auditing score system, Resource Management Services, Inc. offers objective and comparable collection agency auditing that not only validates against collection results, but has been a proven catalyst for increasing dollars collected.

As the needs of the collection and recovery managers grew, Resource Management Services, Inc. was there to assist with specialized research into specific areas such as Agency and Attorney Usage, Vendor Measurement and Management Strategies, Internal Recovery Benchmarking and Debt Sales. Our continuous research and experienced consultants allow us to provide cutting edge resources and solutions to an ever changing industry.

We take pride in providing the collection and recovery industry with professional development resources as well as with specific educational and networking opportunities. The synergy of our combination of products and services – compliance and performance auditing, consulting, research, publications, training courses, software, Recovery Management Network sponsorship, and our conferences, Collection and Recovery Solutions and Debt Connection Symposium, provides the opportunity to continuously exceed expectations for our clients.

Services provided by Resource Management Services, Inc. include:

  • Performance Evaluations/Operational Reviews of Collection Agencies and Attorneys
  • Collection and Recovery Consulting Services
  • Client Specific Consulting Services
  • Bankruptcy “Best Practices” Prevention and Recovery Consulting
  • Industry Publications
  • Training and Development

The Resource Management Services Inc. team is diverse, experienced and committed. Their ability to perform and achieve is evident in every aspect of the firm’s operations, and in the long-term client relationships they have forged.

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