Specialty Sponsors

  • Absolute Resolutions Corp.

Founded in 2001, Absolute Resolutions Corp. (ARC) is a leader in the United States in the distressed asset marketplace. ARC acquires portfolios of delinquent receivables under its purchasing arm Absolute Resolutions Investments, LLC (ARI) directly from financial institutions and we retain ownership of those accounts for the duration of the recovery lifecycle. ARC utilizes a proprietary process to determine appropriate recovery efforts through a combination of performance analytics, recovery scoring, risk analysis and general economic indicators. ARC’s primary goal is to find a mutually beneficial resolution with consumers to satisfy outstanding balances. ARC places a premium on successful long-term partnerships and understands it is imperative for sellers to have reliable, compliant, transparent and responsive business partners in the current regulatory and economic environment. For more information visit www.absoluteresolutions.com.

  • Actuate Law LLC

  • Dara Chevlin Tarkowski

Founded by Big Law veterans, Chicago and Miami-based Actuate Law blends the nimble entrepreneurialism of a boutique start-up with the wisdom that comes with decades of deftly handling sophisticated litigation, transactional, and compliance matters. We combine talent and technology to craft bespoke legal solutions for the next generation of business leaders. Like the clients we serve, Actuate is constantly striving to achieve the “impossible triangle” of better, faster, and less costly. Our lawyers handle matters across the country in the areas of commercial litigation, class action defense, compliance, regulatory advocacy, data security & privacy, e-discovery, financial services/fintech, information governance, intellectual property, private client services/trusts & estates, and white-collar investigations and litigation. We also counsel clients in connection with implementation regarding cutting edge technology, including blockchain/crypto, artificial intelligence, and alternative and synthetic data. For more information visit, www.actuatelaw.com.

  • Connect BPS Global

  • Saskia Hill

Connect BPS is a technology-focused global BPO company, where we leverage cutting-edge technologies and human expertise to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions to businesses around the world.

We understand that in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, every organization is striving to achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our mission is to help our clients achieve these goals by providing a range of back-office services that are powered by advanced technologies.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our 24/7 support, regardless of your location or time zone. Our team of skilled professionals is proficient in handling omni-channel customer care, collections, sales, retention, lead generation and back office processes. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that you receive the highest quality services that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Moreover, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in everything we do. We invest heavily in training and development programs to ensure that our employees are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to provide the best-in-class services to our clients.

Partnering with Connect BPS will enable you to focus on your core competencies while outsourcing non-core functions to a trusted partner. This will not only help you achieve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but it will also enhance your overall customer experience, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. So, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective BPO partner that leverages technology to deliver superior quality services, look no further than Connect BPS. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

  • EverChain®

  • Matthew Wratten

EverChain® facilitates compliant and secure debt sales for lenders and other creditors. We enable creditors to manage and monetize their uncollected receivables via our secure, sophisticated, and specialized technology platform (patent pending) consistently and compliantly. We aren’t simply a conventional broker or a buyer; EverChain® is an experienced debt sales advisor who has the expertise to help creditors optimize their recovery strategy while protecting their consumers, brand, and bottom line.

A successful debt sale should not be measured by how much money you sell your accounts for, it should be measured by how much you get to keep. Creditors concerned with any post-sale compliance risk can rest assured that the EverChain® network holds itself to the highest standards of care. This ensures that creditors selling their accounts on the EverChain® marketplace to our certified network of buyers can expect unprecedented and unparalleled levels of compliance from buyers, their agencies and law firms.

  • National Bankruptcy Services

  • Jim O’Reilly

National Bankruptcy Services, LLC (“NBS”) is a leading provider of technology enabled default management and bankruptcy processing solutions to our colleagues at financial institutions, credit unions, automobile lenders and mortgage servicers. Founded in 1999, NBS’ combination of bankruptcy expertise, comprehensive outsourcing services and industry leading technology enables NBS to efficiently and accurately process high transaction volumes and deliver strong ROI solutions, as well as scale to its clients in all 94 bankruptcy jurisdictions.

NBS consistently improves the profitability of its clients’ loan portfolios through careful, efficient and client specific management of each individual case. We have developed one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced bankruptcy case management systems in the world, and are the only company focused exclusively on providing outsourced processing and monitoring services for Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcies to secured and unsecured creditors and servicers on a national basis. We provide complete bankruptcy and foreclosure related services on a fully outsourced basis and on a “component” basis, in which discrete elements of the process are outsourced.

NBS serves as a trusted partner in the extremely dynamic bankruptcy environment, consistently delivering measurable financial value to our clients, while recognizing the absolute need for compliance. We provide complete transparency and customize solutions to fit each individual customer’s specific servicing strategy, which has made NBS the #1 choice for over 21 years.

  • National Debt Holdings
  • Ricardo Davila

National Debt Holdings is a receivables management firm that assists creditors with improving cash flow performance from their accounts receivables. We create a unique and refreshing partnership with our clients by providing compliant solutions that include no fees, no hassle and fast results.

  • Prodigal
  • Katalina Dawson

Prodigal has redefined technology’s role in customer care, pioneering a new category of intelligence for financial and healthcare services. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver actionable insights ultimately maximizing revenue, optimizing operations, and minimizing compliance risk for its customers. Prodigal’s global team, whose backgrounds intersect at financial services and data science, is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Prodigal is backed by Menlo Ventures, Accel, and Y Combinator. For more information about Prodigal, please visit www.prodigaltech.com and follow us @prodigaltech.

  • RNN Group, Inc.

  • Jim Van Schaik

RNN Group, Inc. was formed by Senior Executive Jim Van Schaik who has over 25 years of experience serving the financial services industry in North America.
The RNN team focuses specifically on accurate and compliant data service solutions for financial institutions, including front end application verification services, fraud detection tools, accurate customer data and verified asset monitoring.
RNN clients include financial institutions, multi-industry lenders, collection law firms, collection agencies, and debt buyers.

RNN Group provides collection data to support our clients through the entire collection process including Compliance Scrubs: Bankruptcy, Deceased & Military, Skip trace, and Omni Channel data: Address, Telephone, Cell for texting, and Email; as well as Verified and Unverified Assets like Employment and Banks.
We have almost any data set you may need for right party contact to suit qualification to judgment collection.

  • Sentry Credit, Inc.

  • James L Stewart

Sentry Credit, Inc., a nationally licensed ARM company was founded in 1992 by James L. Stewart and Michael B. Mathis. Our company motto is “Connecting People with Solutions”. 

Sentry’s goal is to create an agency and environment that dispels the negative stereotypes of the industry and provide unparalleled service in a work atmosphere that is professional and conducive to success. The cornerstones of this philosophy are Patience, Persistence, and Professionalism.

On June 1st of last year Sentry Credit proudly celebrated our 30-year business anniversary and has been chosen once again for the Best Companies Group list for 2022 for one of the best places to work in collections. We are truly honored to have been chosen to receive this very prestigious award now for 10 consecutive years in a row. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all of our incredible employees and clients that has helped make this possible.

Along with providing exceptional recovery, unsurpassed customer service and most importantly, a trusted partner that you can always count on. We can also provide both 3rd party recovery and 1st party recovery for our clients. We continuously invest in the innovative technologies that help us be the best we can be collecting our client’s important recovery dollars.

Sentry Credit will provide our clients a highly trained, well-compensated staff of debt negotiators and business professionals, as well as providing some of the best operators in the business to guarantee our clients success. Ownership constantly looks for ways to reinvest profits into the staff to increase the employee’s quality of life and work environment. This attention to the well-being of our staff creates an atmosphere of positive energy with a shared mission of achievement, and a desire to be the best. To learn more, contact William Perrella at wperrella@sentrycredit.com.

  • TEC Services Group

  • Jon Daane

TEC Services Group is the leading technology and professional services firm in the credit collections industry for over 24+ years. We are a technology focused company that provides both leading industry solutions along with unrivaled, unbiased, and experienced support.

The professionals at TEC Services Group have unparalleled knowledge of the collections industry and work closely with our clients to produce positive outcomes. Our breadth and depth of experience allow us to serve the users of the top five industry platforms in the market, and we boast an average of nineteen years of experience. No other service provider can say the same.