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  • American Recovery Service

  • David Baker

American Recovery Service (ARS) is The Original Nationwide Repossession Service™. From our corporate headquarters, located in Northern California, our talented team provides complete repossession portfolio management solutions for major financial institutions across the nation. Our custom portfolio solutions meet the needs of captive lenders, banks, and credits unions. With over 25 years of recovery industry experience, ARS truly possesses expertise that you can trust.

  • Bell & Williams Associates

  • Adam Herbert

Bell & Williams Associates is a leader in providing collateral collections, recovery, and remarketing services for the credit union, vehicle finance, and equipment leasing industries. Our associates will provide your organization with a full-service asset management partner. Our goal is to alleviate the strain delinquent accounts can have on your team in a cost-effective manner. Adherence to FDCPA and GLBA, combined with industry specific licensing, bonding, and insurance is implemented in an effort to minimize risk and exposure on our clients behalf.

Bell and Williams Associates
  • Convoke

  • Ethan Dukes

Convoke is an oversight management system that is transforming the way credit issuers manage third party debt collection, leveraging a decade of experience for the issuers it serves. Convoke enables credit issuers to grow recovery, reduce costs, improve compliance, and protect their brand.

  • Crown Asset Management, LLC

  • Bekah Luebcke

Crown Asset Management, LLC (“CAM”) is a leading purchaser of charged off debt. CAM is recognized by RMAI as a “Certified Professional Receivables Company” and purchasing firm with extensive experience acquiring distressed receivables.

CAM purchases portfolios including credit card, automobile deficiency, marketplace lending/fintech, judgments, specialty portfolios and small business loans. CAM is a trusted and reliable partner for creditors and servicers alike.

  • CU Revest

  • Brett Goda

A CUSO designed to manage and monetize charged off consumer debt. At CU Revest, our purpose is to collaborate with Credit Unions by revolutionizing recovery to further the success of each community.  We achieve this by rehabilitating members using world class service and constantly innovating new technologies.  CU Revest has recovered millions in previously charged off consumer loans since our debut in 2013. Additionally, we have recovered thousands of prior prime members who are now in good standing with their credit union.

  • Equifax

  • Celeste Anderson

Equifax maintains a powerful suite of data insights including The Work Number® database, the industry-leading centralized commercial repository of employment information in the U.S. Leveraging The Work Number platform, Equifax delivers cost-effective employment data and technology solutions that deliver insights to help verifiers make more informed decisions in less time, including prioritizing their portfolio to achieve optimal ROI. With 604 million employment records from 2.6 million employers, we’ve helped create a more streamlined process and offer many ways to get the data you need – whether you need to retrieve a single verification or a batch of thousands.

  • Financial Business and Consumer Solutions, Inc. (FBCS)

  • Steve Flite

FBCS is a privately owned business and leading provider of accounts receivable management and collection services. Since 1982 we have provided top-quality collection and recovery services to creditors.  FBCS is a nationally licensed and bonded collection agency with more than 40 years of experience providing customer account management solutions for national creditors. Our dedicated focus on providing the highest quality call-center and digital collection services has continually enabled us to stand-out from our peers in the space . Our top priority is to satisfy the needs of our clients and their customers. 

FBCS Has received numerous awards for performance & compliance from our clients with recent awards including Agency of the year and most compliant agency

  • Firstsource
  • Tim Smith

Firstsource Super Charges the collections process! We blend the human touch with automation, Machine Learning (ML) and analytics to build an empathetic and efficient debt collection process, boosting compliance, customer satisfaction and recovery. Our dynamic, data-driven debt collection approach helps you better understand borrowers’ financial needs and deliver customized solutions, enabling them to manage their debt smartly and lead a fuller life.

Our Digital Debt Collections offerings span multiple industries, including Banking, Auto Financing, Education, Insurance, Utility and Telco.

  • Garnet Capital Advisors

  • Andy Carlson

Garnet Capital Advisors is a New York-based financial services firm, specializing in managing loan portfolio sales for credit-granting and alternative-lending institutions. Garnet has seasoned teams of professionals that do a deep dive on every portfolio and present portfolio data in the clearest and concise format. Garnet executes more sales across all performance and product areas than the rest of the industry combined. We have been vetted by and completed sales for FDIC, NCUA, SBA as well as 15 of the top 20 banks and most of the premiere Fintech firms.

  • Gurstel Law Firm

  • Todd Gurstel

Founded in 1997 Gurstel Law Firm is a multi-state litigation law firm representing creditors in all aspects of the legal collection process. The Firm is headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota with offices in Arizona, California, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

  • iQor

  • Blake Graves

iQor is a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) and collections and recoveries solutions. Our amazing 40,000 employees spanning 10 countries included licensed collections agents across 35 states. We harness intelligent CX technology that can scale teams anywhere to create the CX experience brands demand to keep customers throughout the revenue recovery process. Our omnichannel solutions help tackle ongoing debt issues and accelerate bad debt reduction while a completely independent compliance team provides peace of mind for our client partners. Over 20 years of experience across industries enables fast program startups across multiple industries for 1st Party consumer and commercial and 3rd party commercial collections, invoicing, bankruptcy, subrogation, and back-office support. Read, see, and hear more at

  • Landmark Strategy Group, LLC

  • Mark Lesinski

Landmark Strategy Group, LLC., is a nationally licensed and bonded receivables management firm located in West Seneca, NY, specializing in credit union collections, passively purchasing non-performing credit cards, auto deficiency, mortgage loans, revolving or installment loans, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy receivables portfolios. The company is committed to providing quick valuation, streamlined purchases, and exceptional customer service after the sale.

Landmark Strategy Group
  • Loss Prevention Services

  • Steven Garcia

Loss Prevention Services is a technologically enabled information management company and services broker offering banking and financial institutions a range of skip locate, repossession, LPR and transport services. The consultative approach we take assures our offering is tailored to the needs of each individual client as a seamless extension of the portfolio management at the lender level. Our approach, experience, and management team positions Loss Prevention Services to be the industry standard in skip and collateral transition services. Loss Prevention Services is focused on innovation, revolutionizing and improving the repossession industry while maintaining the highest ethical standards. It is our approach in exceeding expectations that has helped us earn the highly-regarded reputation as a leading national service company.
  • Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation, Inc.

  • John Peeke

Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation, Inc. (MMCC) is pleased to have this opportunity to submit our information to you. Over the past 60 years, MMCC has established a progressive and standardized approach for collecting student accounts receivable. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently assist consumers with resolving their obligation, while negotiating an outcome that benefits everyone. 

Through a combination of our many years of accounts receivable recovery experience and our top-quality systems and procedures, MMCC continues to be a leader in quality and recovery with the clients we serve. While we feel our collection performance is industry-leading, we pride ourselves most regarding our 60-year track record of customer and client quality assurance.

  • PAR North America

  • Dora Houck

PAR North America is the leading nationwide provider of vehicle transition services including recovery management, skip tracing, compliance, remarketing and title services. PAR leverages its corporate family connections under the KAR Global umbrella to provide unique end-to-end solutions to our 400+ clients. PAR has a distinct advantage over our competition due to our strategic partnerships within KAR Global and our affiliations with numerous technology sources and service providers. 

PAR North America
  • National Loan Exchange, Inc.

  • Chris Jenkins

Beginning in the 1980’s, NLEX’s parent company created an open market for distressed assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation. Assets included real estate, consumer, student and automobile loans, credit card accounts and equipment lease portfolios. In 1993, NLEX began representing portfolios on behalf of financial institutions to offer new products to its buyers, and to offer an exchange in which lenders could create liquidity for their charged-off assets. NLEX launched in 2000 as an electronic auction platform. Since that time, we have performed monthly sales for banks, the U.S. government, and other debt holders throughout the United States and Canada, selling over $150 billion face value of performing, nonperforming and charged-off assets. No other loan sales advisor has the extensive and successful experience to offer both buyers and sellers. To learn more, visit our website at

  • Resolvion

  • Claudia Plascencia

Resolvion is a Nationwide Vehicle Repossession Management Company. We offer a powerful combination of unique technology, efficient processes and skilled people, all working together to minimize loss and maximize recovery for our lender clients. Our highly skilled team is available to resolve even the most challenging of cases. Resolvions services are customized for the needs of each client, we design industry-leading, fully scalable and customized solutions. Our valued client partnerships cover the spectrum from super prime to title lenders and from small to large volume financial institutions. We uphold the most comprehensive compliance program in the industry, while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. Our total commitment leads to our client’s total confidence.

  • SAM

  • Brenda Meli

SAM is best described as your personal ‘Business Concierge’ or ‘Matchmaker’ for any outsourcing project or need. Our business model is such that we create long standing partnerships with our clients and vendor partners. Our role is to create, manage, and grow relationships with the organizations we serve to assist in finding best fits for current and future outsourcing projects as they arise. SAM is not focused on only one area of outsourcing for its customers. There are unlimited ways that SAM is a resource to its clients and have been instrumental in helping our partners with numerous outsourced solutions. We are continually researching and screening the marketplace to bring fresh ideas and emerging vendors into our structure. SAM works on the principals of ethics, integrity, professionalism and doing what’s fair and equitable for all parties involved. Time Savings, Cost Savings, New Relationships & Value to All Parties – The SAM Solution

  • SuccessKPI

  • Nathan Anderson

  • Velocity Portfolio Group, LLC

  • Jim Mastriani

Founded in 2003, the Velocity Portfolio Group is in the business of acquiring assets originated by Federal and state banks and other issuers of consumer credit for the purpose of generating income and cash flow from the management and collection of these assets.  These assets, which include non-performing credit card loan portfolios, installment loans, fintech loans, auto deficiencies, student loans and personal lines of credit, are purchased and managed through comprehensive strategy using a national outsourced network of collection agencies and law firms. The Company also provides outsourced collection solutions for credit grantors, debt buyers and other owners and originators of consumer receivables.  The Company’s combination of a proven collection network, sophisticated analytics, and a strong focus on individual client attention work together to generate incremental value for its clients.

  • Weltman, Weinberg & Reis CO., LPA

  • David Head