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Speaker Topic and Biography

Cassandra Chandler
Bank of America
Session: Predictive Analytics and Consumer Advocacy
The CFPB complaint database houses a treasure trove of data, useful not only to enhance the customer experience, but also to detect and predict regulatory, reputational and financial risks. Identify patterns and trends of complaints. Understand when a customer complaint may be a precursor to a previously undefined, emerging risk for your organization. Hear how to use predictive analytic fundamentals to increase your customer satisfaction while reducing the risk to your organization.

About Cassandra Chandler:
CASSANDRA “Cassi” CHANDLER oversees the planning and analysis of customer complaints and other internal and external data to detect and predict regulatory, reputational and financial risks, while also enhancing the consumer experience. She was previously Global Compliance’s regulatory relations and enterprise engagement executive for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In that role, Cassi was responsible for managing and influencing CFPB interactions across the enterprise, including assuming the “consumer’s lens” when identifying and analyzing emerging risks and providing input to enterprise partners.
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Barry Dumser
First Citizens Bank
Session: Money Judgments
We will define and discuss all things concerning the acquisition and collection of money judgments on defaulted debts. Some topics will be: the benefits of obtaining judgments, when to seek them, and how to collect them (post-judgment remedies). Some post judgment remedies to discuss will be wage garnishments and which states do not allow, bank attachments, personal property liens and levies, real property liens and levies, oral exams, interrogatories, asset location vendors an internal approaches, etc. Success stories of novel ways to find the money and questions and answers from the attendees will be a part of this roundtable.

About Barry Dumser:
As Senior Vice President of First Citizens Bank, Mr. Dumser manages the Default Litigation and Bankruptcy Units for First-Citizens Bank and Trust Company as well as performing In-house Counsel duties to the Credit Resolution Group which includes all aspects of defaulted Consumer and Commercial loans.
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Cindy Ebell
Session: Vendor Management

About Cindy Ebell:
Thirty-six years in the Telecommunications Industry. Knowledge and experience with leading teams to adapt to change and implement best practices. I have been promoted to several leadership roles within the Collections Environment. Currently I oversee the business relationships with 1st party and 3rd party recovered and manage the CenturyLink Outsourced 1st party and 3rd party vendor relationships. Successfully implement best practices, improved process and system enhancements. Implementation of best practices resulted in increasing bad debt recovery; increase the netback to CenturyLink, along with reducing the expense with vendor cost.

Kelli Edmonds
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.
Session: Auto Finance Peer Group Member Roundtable Session

About Kelli Edmonds:
Kelli Edmonds is the Director of Outsourced Collections for Axcess Financial Services, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH. Kelli started her career in the credit and collections industry over 25 years ago, and has held various leadership roles with Chase Auto Finance, Citibank, GE Capital and Sallie Mae. Kelli is Green Belt certified and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Emporia State University.

Bev Evancic
Vice President, Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Auditing Agencies
The creditor has not only the right, but also the responsibility, to audit and review the agency performance. An operational review is an on-site evaluation of an agency's performance in key operational areas. It provides both an efficiency study and a compliance measurement that can be used by the creditor as a management tool. Join this round table to find out more.

About Bev Evancic:
Bev Evancic has almost 20 years experience in collection and recovery. She has managed all phases of collection and recovery operations, including automated dialer units, bankruptcy and legal units, skip tracing units, internal collections, outside collection agency networks, and Consumer Credit Counseling.

As a Consultant for Resource Management Services, Inc., Bev has spearheaded collection and recovery best practices reviews for many top credit grantors. Her articles on dialer operations, agency management and bankruptcy best practices have been widely publicized.

Prior to joining Resource Management Services, Inc. in 1995, Bev managed the Recovery Department for AT&T Universal Card Services where she reengineered the bankruptcy, probate, internal and litigation processes.

Ken Evancic
Vice President, Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Collection Training and Negotiation
The collections industry has changed and treating the customer the right way is paramount in every customer interaction. How does your organization ensure that every collector knows how to interact with the customer the right way on their very first call? Does your organization have the right collections strategy to ensure every customer is treated the right way? Do you have the right training strategies in place to teach and develop collectors? Join us for this round table discussion to learn how others in the industry answer these questions.

About Ken Evancic:
Ken Evancic is a collections veteran with over 20 years experience, managing more than 1200 collectors, and multiple portfolio types. He has managed all phases of collection, including all levels of delinquency, automated dialer units, early out agency management, recovery, and skip tracing. In addition to collections operations management, he has lead initiatives in the areas of performance management, collections strategy development, collector and manager training, collector desktop design, collections reporting systems, and risk and compliance.
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Judy Hammond
Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Opening Remarks

About Judy Hammond:
Judy Hammond is founder of two corporations, Resource Management Services, Inc., founded in May 1986, and The Debt Marketplace, Inc., founded in 1994. Both corporations specialize in consulting and serving the collection and recovery industry. Her position as a consultant to creditors, and an agency /attorney auditor, as well as a background with two collection agencies, provides a unique perspective of the industry. Resource Management Services concentrates on working with creditors regarding compliance issues as well as maximizing their relationships with collection agencies and attorneys. She is also the producer of two industry conferences: Collection and Recovery Solutions and Debt Connection Symposium and Expo. Judy also co-founded the Debt Buyers' Association. She has a B.S. from Pepperdine University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Jeff Hill
Session: Building Compliance Into the Compensation Model
Looking for ways to reinforce your compliance focus? When compliance meets compensation, you send a strong message of your priorities. Join this session to discuss methods of building a compensation model that includes results from collections as well as your specific compliance requirements.

About Jeff Hill:
Jeff Hill rejoined the T-Mobile in late 2012 as the Agency Relations manager after a 9 year hiatus from the industry. While his current role has him once again responsible for the company’s Debt sales and recovery he spent the past few years successfully launching and expanding two nationally recognized franchise businesses (1-800-Got-Junk? and FROGBOX). Jeff continues to build a reputation as a strategic problem solver with a strong expertise in building teams and leading organizations through periods of extreme growth, organizational change and operational improvement. Jeff has Bachelor in Organizational Communications from Eastern Washington University and has worked in Financial Services and Operation for over 15 years.

John McNamara
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Session: What's New at the CFPB

About John McNamara:
John McNamara is the Debt Collections Program Manager for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. John is a member of the Installment Lending and Collections Markets team in the CFPB’s Division of Research, Markets and Regulations. He serves as a subject matter expert on debt collection practices and as a liaison between the CFPB and both the collection industry and consumer advocates.

Prior to joining the CFPB, John was Chief Marketing Officer for LiveVox and director/co-founder of Fidelis Recovery Solutions, Inc. He is a 31-year accounts receivable management (ARM) and call/contact center veteran, experienced in all phases of collections, recovery and call center operations with deep focus on technology, process improvement and compliance management systems. Read More »

Tom Morris
American Philosopher, Corporate Advisor and Best-Selling Author
Session: True Success: The Art of Achievement in Times of Change
We all need ideas we can trust—ideas that have stood the test of time and can help us achieve success in even the most demanding situations. Tom Morris has an unprecedented ability to bring together the wisdom of the ages in a form that people can use right now. This talk presents a simple, powerful and complete framework of seven universal conditions for deeply satisfying, sustainable excellence in all that we do. His now-famous “7 Cs of Success” have fueled extraordinary results in pockets of excellence around the world, and have never been more important than they are today. In a high-energy and very entertaining session, Tom will reveal the most fundamental tools for personal and institutional greatness and provide a practical guide for their use every day. This talk leaves people with a new, well-grounded enthusiasm and a determination to use the wisdom they’ve been given. Once they’ve heard it, they will never be the same.

About Tom Morris:
Author Tom Morris has become one of the most active public philosophers in the world due to his unusual ability to bring the greatest wisdom of the past into the challenges of the present.

A native of Durham, North Carolina and a distinguished alumnus of Durham Academy, Morris was a Morehead Scholar at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, which has honored him, along with Michael Jordan, as a recipient of their "Distinguished Young Alumnus Award." He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and religious studies from Yale University, as well as other honorary doctorates in recognition of his public work of bringing practical philosophy back into the cultural mix. Morris served for fifteen years as a professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, where he quickly became one of their most popular teachers, in many years having as much as an eighth of the entire student body in his classes. He is now chairman of the Morris Institute for Human Values. Read More »

Stuart Pratt
Consumer Data Industry Association
Session: Washington and Regulatory Update
Keeping up-to-date with Washington, and the regulatory and legislative changes that affect our world can be a complex, and often difficult task. With Stuart Pratt on the job, however, this can be less painful. His insights into the complex issues, the changes, and the contemplated changes have been well appreciated at past events, and we're especially pleased to have this industry leader returning to share his ideas and knowledge on the current regulatory and legislative trends, and what to expect from Washington.

About Stuart Pratt:
Stuart K. Pratt is President and CEO of the Consumer Data Industry Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C. CDIA, is the international trade association representing over 300 consumer data companies that provide fraud prevention and risk management products, credit and mortgage reports, tenant and employment screening services, check fraud and verification services, and collection services to hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States and the globe.

Mr. Pratt is the principal spokesman for the industry. As such, he testifies regularly before the U.S. Congress, represents the industry in the international market and interacts with the major media outlets. He has advised presidential and gubernatorial task forces on the importance of the free flow of information to the U.S. economy, and represented the industry as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce on European Union-U.S. Safe Harbor negotiations. Pratt has participated in World Bank forums on credit reporting in developing economies and counseled private and government entities overseas on credit reporting issues. He also speaks frequently on the subjects of consumer data law, policy and business practices at domestic and international forums, including most recently programs in Cape Town and Berlin.
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Ken Rowen
Western Dental / Brident
Session: Debt Collection and the Latino Community
This session will provide a recap of the FTC/CFPB’s Debt Collection and the Latino Community Roundtable and the ideas presented. Join this discussion to share your thoughts and hear ideas for implementation of a successful outreach program.

About Ken Rowen:
Ken is a Director of Collections for Western Dental Services / Brident Dental & Orthodontics and supports more 300+ offices in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada. Western Dental has a client base with a significant segment of Latinos and limited English proficiency customers. In his current role, Ken is responsible for 100+ team members in both domestic and offshore call center environments. Ken’s professional career includes management of accounts receivable, collections, credit and customer service. Prior to joining Western Dental Services, Ken's experience has included the Vice President for Account Services for Quality Systems and the Wholesale Accounts Receivable Manager for Alliance Imaging. Ken possesses a MBA in Finance along with graduate degrees in psychology.

Andrew Schorn
USAA Federal Savings Bank
Session: Balancing the Insource and the Outsource
The decision to outsource work has been debated for years from a financial perspective, but most complaints about outsourcing are not about the financials, but rather about the employee and customer experience. What else should you be considering in your decision to outsource? Outsourcing has an impact that touches production, financials, retention/attrition, employee morale as well as the customer experience. Being able to recognize and quantify these impacts should help you make an holistic, informed decision.

About Andrew Schorn:
Schorn brings nearly 30 years of hands-on industry and operational experience to his role at USAA. As the leader of Agency Management in the Federal Savings Bank, Schorn leads the outsource agency vendor performance management team.

Prior to joining USAA, Schorn worked as a Consultant to the financial services industry where he provided reviews and operational expertise to both US and UK based banks in the credit card, mortgage, home equity, auto collection and loss mitigation operations areas.
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Josh Seuberling
Axcess Financial Services, Inc.
Session: The Role of Analytics in a Customer Focused Operation

About Josh Seuberling:
As the VP of Collection Operations, Josh Seuberling brings 22 years of experience to Axcess Financial. He is responsible for all collection and vendor strategies, consumer collection compliance, and portfolio management for both Axcess and its subsidiaries. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in business management from St. Leo University.

Nitasha Wilson-Short
Wells Fargo Dealer Services
Session: Repossession Recovery
Share ideas about the world of repossession, including compliance as well as operational best practices.

About Nitasha Wilson-Short:
Nitasha Wilson-Short is an AVP of Loss Recovery for Wells Fargo Dealer Services with 17 years of experience in recovery collections. She started her career in 1997 at Providian Financial where her responsibilities included operations, back office support, and internal audit. After 6 years with Providian she transitioned to her first collection agency at West Corporation as the Director of Compliance and Client Services. She spent the following 8 years managing creditor relationships, client audits and internal compliance. In 2011 Nitasha was hired by Western Dental to manage legal and agency networks. Since 2012 she has managed the legal and agency network for Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Her responsibilities include 3rd party oversight, vendor management, operations management and operational risk.

Brian Spruiell
USAA Federal Savings Bank
Session: Avoiding the Pendulum Swing - Balancing Financial Performance with Compliance
Discuss ways a financial institution can maintain a balanced score card with relationship, compliance, audit results, and performance as factors. Learn how to operate a Champion Challenger system that only rewards acceptable scores in all areas, with no exceptions. Share thoughts on utilizing a call model promoting empathy, soft skills and proper negotiations. Also, discuss how to utilize the CFPB website as a measuring stick for vendor audits and call calibrations.

About Brian Spruiell:
Brian has 17 years of collection experience with 7 years in Vendor Management supporting Credit Card, Consumer Loan, DDA, and Home Equity recovery products at USAA FSB. Brian currently manages a team responsible for 22 third party vendors. Brian has a Bachelors degree in Organizational Development from the University of the Incarnate Word.

Chris Straiter
Sentry Credit, Inc.
Session: Call Recording Compliance

About Chris Straiter:
Chris Straiter is the Chief Compliance Officer with Sentry Credit, Inc. a leading ARM firm based out of Everett, WA specializing in Financial Services, Education and Mortgage receivables. His responsibilities with Sentry Credit include Compliance, Voice Analytics, Complaint Management and Quality Assurance.

Formerly with American Express Global Collections, as a Portfolio Manager, Chris’ responsibilities there included managing agency performance for a number of 3rd party collection agency relationships. This focus included operational improvements, collector and leader development, and enhancing controls and compliance to American Express standards.
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Brian Zempel
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
Session: The People Part of the Equation

About Brian Zempel:
Mr. Zempel is responsible for strategy development and operations for the Kohl’s Charge Card, which is one of the largest private label credit card programs in the United States. Kohl’s is one of the few retailers who maintain the servicing and credit risk strategy for their credit card portfolio, which includes all customer contact points highlighted by cardholder acquisition strategy, customer service, fraud, and collections. Kohl’s has contact center locations under his span of control in Milwaukee, San Antonio, and Dallas, plus selected third party relationships to support the Kohl’s Charge.
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