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Speaker Topic and Biography

Bev Evancic
Vice President, Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Auditing Agencies
The creditor has not only the right, but also the responsibility, to audit and review the agency performance. An operational review is an on-site evaluation of an agency's performance in key operational areas. It provides both an efficiency study and a compliance measurement that can be used by the creditor as a management tool. Join this round table to find out more.

About Bev Evancic:
Bev Evancic has almost 20 years experience in collection and recovery. She has managed all phases of collection and recovery operations, including automated dialer units, bankruptcy and legal units, skip tracing units, internal collections, outside collection agency networks, and Consumer Credit Counseling.

As a Consultant for Resource Management Services, Inc., Bev has spearheaded collection and recovery best practices reviews for many top credit grantors. Her articles on dialer operations, agency management and bankruptcy best practices have been widely publicized.

Prior to joining Resource Management Services, Inc. in 1995, Bev managed the Recovery Department for AT&T Universal Card Services where she reengineered the bankruptcy, probate, internal and litigation processes.

Ken Evancic
Vice President, Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Collection Training and Negotiation
The collections industry has changed and treating the customer the right way is paramount in every customer interaction. How does your organization ensure that every collector knows how to interact with the customer the right way on their very first call? Does your organization have the right collections strategy to ensure every customer is treated the right way? Do you have the right training strategies in place to teach and develop collectors? Join us for this round table discussion to learn how others in the industry answer these questions.

About Ken Evancic:
Ken Evancic is a collections veteran with over 20 years experience, managing more than 1200 collectors, and multiple portfolio types. He has managed all phases of collection, including all levels of delinquency, automated dialer units, early out agency management, recovery, and skip tracing. In addition to collections operations management, he has lead initiatives in the areas of performance management, collections strategy development, collector and manager training, collector desktop design, collections reporting systems, and risk and compliance.
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Judy Hammond
Resource Management Services, Inc.
Session: Opening Remarks

About Judy Hammond:
Judy Hammond is founder of two corporations, Resource Management Services, Inc., founded in May 1986, and The Debt Marketplace, Inc., founded in 1994. Both corporations specialize in consulting and serving the collection and recovery industry. Her position as a consultant to creditors, and an agency /attorney auditor, as well as a background with two collection agencies, provides a unique perspective of the industry. Resource Management Services concentrates on working with creditors regarding compliance issues as well as maximizing their relationships with collection agencies and attorneys. She is also the producer of two industry conferences: Collection and Recovery Solutions and Debt Connection Symposium and Expo. Judy also co-founded the Debt Buyers' Association. She has a B.S. from Pepperdine University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Oscar Marquis
Oscar Marquis & Associates
Anti-Trust Attorney

About Oscar Marquis:
Oscar Marquis is the principal of the law firm, Oscar Marquis & Associates, which specializes in privacy and consumer reporting. He also serves as and Independent Legal Consultant to the international law firm of Hunton & Williams on credit reporting, GLB and other privacy matters.

Mr. Marquis served as General Counsel of Trans Union LLC, one of the three national consumer reporting agencies, for over 15 years, and was affiliated with Trans Union for over 24 years. At Trans Union, Mr. Marquis was responsible for all of the company's legal, government and public affairs. He served on the company's executive council and participated in all major strategic decisions and business initiatives. Prior to forming his current law firm, he was a partner in the Washington, DC law firm, Oldaker, Biden & Belair. Read More »

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